Ongoing Syrian conflict is in our priority within ESU

Dear readers,

Middle East region and countries continue to hold the priority within the international community attention and meetings. As a whole the region pass through very fundamental process of re-balance between regional and international powers. In every country and corner around the region there are new discussions and negotiations to seek new alliances.Ongoing Syrian conflict is in our priority within ESU.

Syriac people are densely present across Syria. Thus, Syria holds great importance for Syriac people and their future in this country. We are trying all ways and possibilities to defend the cause and concerns of Syriac people in Syria. There is clear deadlock at the international level regarding conflict solution of Syria. International and regional actors have to find mutual consensus to end the nearly 3 year old conflict which caused to the death of 100.000 civilians and millions of refugees across Syria and in neighbor countries. The solution in Syria will not be easy but it is essential for the salvation of Syrian society. Syrian cosmopolite social fabric has to be preserved and all ethnic and religious groups have to find their places.

On the other side, there are very important developments in Turkey regarding Syriac people and democratic process. Following long years of trials Mor Gabriel Monastery has finally its lands back. Prime Minister R. T. Erdogan announced the decision regarding Mor Gabriel during the presentation of democratic package. From the first day of this issue, we were in full sure that Monastery will take its rights. Moreover, Syriac people have other problems and concerns in Turkey. Mor Gabriel Monastery solution does not have to hide other points. Above all, Syriac people have no status in Turkey. By working on new civil constitution Syriac people have to acquire constitutional guarantees. Our partner organization Federation of Syriac Associations made official request in order to open Syriac school in Turabdin which is very important step.

During last three months, as ESU, we had different works, activities and meetings. Following our humanitarian aid campaign to Syria which had been finished successfully, we made an event of three days in front of the United Nations at Geneva. Our objective was to make hear our voices concerning Syriac people in Syria. We had successful event and we made some important meetings.

We are passing very important periods and developments. Syria will continue to hold major place within our works and priorities. We will follow all news, developments closely in order to ensure the rights of Syriac people in Syria. As ESU, we believe that Syriac people also can make important contributions to regional issues as they did in history.

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