Syriac people around the world are watching developments and events in the Middle East

Dear reader,

Syriac people around the world are watching developments and events in the Middle East countries closely as their brethren continue their presence in the region despite the harsh incidents against them and Christian populations as general. The ongoing trouble and stalemate of political impasse in the Middle East region and the deadlock on the Syrian crisis affect enormously the presence and the future aspirations of the Syriac people. Syria has important place among Syriac people as they leave their steps in every moment of the Syrian history.

International community and regional powers did not achieve any success and consensus in order to end the crisis of Syria which became one of the tragic events in history. Since the beginning of the uprising, on 2011, more than 130.000 people lost their life, hundreds of thousands fled the country and nearly half of the Syrian population is in precarious situation. Humanitarian situation and the conditions of refugees and IDP’s is increasingly dramatic as they lack fundamental needs for daily life.

European Syriac Union, ESU with its partner organizations inside Syria and those in Europe territories try all channels to be present, help and coordinate the needs of people inside Syria. In parallel to this, ESU conducted several humanitarian aid campaigns and projects towards Syria with its partners. We will continue our commitment and efforts to the need of Syrian people.

On the other side, nowadays all regards are fixed on Geneva II conference which will seek new route map for Syrian crisis. International community, regional powers and other relevant actors are preparing their positions and alignments regarding this conference. We believe that international community and regional actors can find viable solution to Syria crisis which is becoming extremely dangerous for the Middle East region and poisoning already some countries.

We believe that Syriac people have to find their place in the Geneva II conference. This is very important point for the future of Syriac people in Syria. Ignoring minority groups and non-dominant entities during Geneva II conference will be great error and fundamental missing elements for the peaceful end of this crisis. In order to achieve this point, ESU is working coordinately with its friends and organizations to assure the distinctive presence of Syriac people during the conference.

During the history, Syriac people have been discriminated, killed, massacred and had been subject of the genocides. Despite these painful tragedies, Syriac people continue their core existence and flourish their social and cultural aspirations. The presence of Syriac people in Middle East countries is an important asset. ESU will continue to work and put its all efforts and weights on the presentation of Syriac people to the international platforms and assure and demand their fundamental political, social and cultural rights.

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