Turkish Minister of European Affairs

Dear readers,

During last three months Middle East region continues to be at the top of agenda in international arena. Despite the events in Egypt and protests waves in Turkey and new President in Iran, Syria constantly holds the top priority and urgency. As ESU, we follow very closely all developments in the region especially these which are related to Syriac people and Christians as well.

Few weeks ago, Turkish Minister of European Affairs Egemen Bağış once again shows his true face regarding Syriac people and their historical values. During a meeting with journalists Mr. Bağış downplay the value of Mor Gabriel Monastery and take it only as material understanding. The Mor Gabriel Monastery has very distinctive place among Syriac people and for entire Christianity. From the first day of the unjust process against Mor Gabriel Monastery, Turkish state authorities do not show any good will and willingness to find solution to the matter and give back all rights to the Monastery. We have demonstrated our firm stand against these kinds of acts with a press release to media and world public opinion attention.

1The outcome of Iranian elections is important for the region with election of reformist candidate. Meanwhile, grievances between Shia and Sunni are deep and it looks that this situation will continue for decades. We follow closely the Iranian issue. On the other hand, Egypt events come once again to the world attention. The uncertainty reigns for the moment in the streets of Egypt. The de escalation of nerves is must and the situation of Christian Copts needs close attention.

Meanwhile, the conflict in Syria continues from all sides. The ongoing conflict affects all Syrian people. Christian entities in Syria became target of Islamist-Jihadists terrorists by kidnappings and barbarous killings.The issue of two Bishops of Aleppo continue to be top priority. The killing of Priest Francois Murad indicates clearly savagery and cruelty of some groups.

On the other hand, Syrian state authorities try all means to push Christians and Syriac people to the conflict. State authorities call to the youth to participate in army. To date, until now there is no clear support to the Syriac people from international community and either from responsible countries. Syriac people give their struggle by their own means and capabilities. While Syriac Union Party in Syria demands and seeks the rights of Syriac people, we as ESU, have conducted a humanitarian aid campaign to Syria. During the campaign our people and institutions have showed great act of generosity. With the help of our people, we send nearly 150 tons of food to Syria. Syriac Union Party in Syria is at the charge of the distribution.
International community and regional actors have moral and democratic obligations to support the minorities, religious groups and other vulnerable entities in the Middle East region.

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