Syriac people around the world are watching developments and events in the Middle East

Syriac people around the world are watching developments and events in the Middle East countries closely as their brethren continue their presence in the region despite the harsh incidents against them and Christian populations as general. The ongoing trouble and stalemate of political impasse in the Middle East region and the deadlock on the Syrian crisis affect enormously the presence and the future aspirations of the Syriac people. Syria has important place among Syriac people as they leave their steps in every moment of the Syrian history.

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2014-Jan-31 by Lahdo Hobel

Ongoing Syrian conflict is in our priority within ESU

Middle East region and countries continue to hold the priority within the international community attention and meetings. As a whole the region pass through very fundamental process of re-balance between regional and international powers. In every country and corner around the region there are new discussions and negotiations to seek new alliances.Ongoing Syrian conflict is in our priority within ESU.

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2013-Oct-31 by Lahdo Hobel

Turkish Minister of European Affairs

During last three months Middle East region continues to be at the top of agenda in international arena. Despite the events in Egypt and protests waves in Turkey and new President in Iran, Syria constantly holds the top priority and urgency. As ESU, we follow very closely all developments in the region especially these which are related to Syriac people and Christians as well.

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2013-Jun-30 by Lahdo Hobel

The Syrian case

The Syrian case, it is resuming to be crucial issue of the world’s agenda. The Middle East, in every century has got through period of transition and heavy wars. Aftermath of the Lausanne agreement in 1923, the Syriac people had been left outside of the change region and develop­ ments which happened in the Middle East. They couldn’t benefit from these developments neither as nation and nor as Christians. Now a days, the Arab Spring which begun in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, continues in Syria more than two years. The Syrian uprising turned into a bloody war and caused hundreds and thousands victim across Syria.

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2013-Apr-30 by Lahdo Hobel

Syriac Christians took refuge from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

First of all, with Christmas upon us, we wish merry tidings to the Christians of the world and especially the Christians who are in danger and persecuted in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. We wish them peace and hope that they will live in their homeland in freedom.
In the last three months the Middle East has become steadily more dangerous, particularly for Christians. As the war has intensified, so to have the numbers of Christian refugees increased. In the last three months, hundreds of the Syriac Christians took refuge from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.

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2013-Jan-31 by Lahdo Hobel