The Syrian case, it is resuming to be crucial issue of the world’s agenda. The Middle East, in every century has got through period of transition and heavy wars. Aftermath of the Lausanne agreement in 1923, the Syriac people had been left outside of the change region and develop­ ments which happened in the Middle East. They couldn’t benefit from these developments neither as nation and nor as Christians. Now a days, the Arab Spring which begun in Tunisia, Libya and Egypt, continues in Syria more than two years. The Syrian uprising turned into a bloody war and caused hundreds and thousands victim across Syria.


First of all, with Christmas upon us, we wish merry tidings to the Christians of the world and especially the Christians who are in danger and persecuted in the Middle East, particularly in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. We wish them peace and hope that they will live in their homeland in freedom.
In the last three months the Middle East has become steadily more dangerous, particularly for Christians. As the war has intensified, so to have the numbers of Christian refugees increased. In the last three months, hundreds of the Syriac Christians took refuge from Syria, Lebanon and Iraq.


The Syriac people have survived many difficulties and dangerous situations in the past 3 months. The Syriac people (the indigenous Christian people in Syria) are being targeted and suppressed by the forces and different powers who are now active in Syria’s political arena. They have no power to protect themselves or any other power to offer them security.


During the political and social movements of last months, our region and the world had witnessed the slow but sure transformation of the Middle East countries which were the centre of undemocratic systems. These social movements reversed some long lived regimes and the other still persist at the places.


Our world is changing extremely rapidly and world politics developments are in very sensitive scale for the next years.

While Europe and United Stated made their focuses on the coming elections, Middle East region countries continue to be at the to p of the international agenda and especially Syria which is the centre of the tensions concerning Bashar Al Assad regime.