December 2018

With the decision of US-President Donald Trump to withdraw US-forces from Syria, all religious and ethnic minorities are concerned about their future, especially because of the dominant role played by Turkey. Turkey already proved in Afrin how their implementation of "cleansing terrorists" looks like. Now Turkish-backed jihadists eagerly await the US to leave so that they can kill the Christians and destroy our Churches. The Turkish-backed jihadists will not hesitate to commit exactly the same crimes as ISIS did.


Since 2014 our Syriac-Assyrian people in Syria and Iraq have suffered greatly under ISIS. Today we can see that ISIS is almost defeated after intense cooperation between SDF and International Coalition. Now however we urge European countries to step in as US forces withdraw from North-East Syria. The Christian communities there fear total destruction by the hands of Turkey, Iran and even ISIS as that is not fully defeated yet. We call on European
countries to join the UK and France in finalising the fight against ISIS and keeping North-East Syria stable. We and many experts believe that ISIS otherwise will return in strength.