ESU and the Project for an Autonomous Region in Iraq

The project for an Autonomous Region for our Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people in its historical areas in a Federal Iraq, which started officially as a demand of our people in the Ankawa Congress, held on 12. And 13 March 2007 has a large importance in the agenda of the ESU. This project must be understandable and clear to all members of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people. The demand for an autonomous region must be embodied in the Iraqi Constitution as well as in the Kurdistan Federal Constitution.

We see that is the only solution today to save our people from the ongoing attacks, persecutions, kidnappings and killings in Iraq. Beside that an autonomous region will ensure the national unity and will strengthen the connection between our people in the homeland and the Diaspora.

In order to support the demands and efforts of our people in Iraq and by the conviction that each Institution of our people must take active part to support this project; ESU with the support of one representative of the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian peoples Parliament in Sweden, decided to held numerous seminars in the various cultural, social and religious institutions of our people living in Europe.

The seminars were given by a particular committee, namely by Mrs. Linda Gabriel from ESU and Mr. Gebrail Marko, Representative of the Ankawa Congress.

The first seminar on this journey of ESU and the Ankawa congress over the autonomy in the Iraq took place in the Swedish City Linköping on the 27.May 2007. A further-one in Sweden was given on the 23.June 2007 in the Hall of St. George Church in Norsborg. On the 29th July the journey of Seminars has been moved to the British Capital London, where the Seminar took place at the Assyrian House. At the other end of Europe, namely in the Austrian Capital Vienna the Seminar was held on 12.August 2007 in the Canisius Church in Lainz.

The most important question in the seminars was the demand of our people for an autonomous regions and how this project can be achieved. The main points discussed during these seminars were the principles of an autonomous region in a Federal Iraq as well as the urgent need for our people. Not only the lectures but mostly all participants agreed that the only way to save our future in our country is the establishment of an autonomous region.

The lectures Miss Linda Gabriel and Mr. Gebrail Marko pointed out in these seminars, that this would be the last chance for our people to make the dream and struggle of our people come true to build an autonomous regions. In the same time they pointed out the importance of the peace-full living with our neighbors in a new Iraq under democratic principles.

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