ESU meets Mr. Siniora and Mr. Geagea in Lebanon

On 28th August 2007, the President of the European Syriac Union Mr. İskender Alptekin and the Vice-President Fikri Aygür had a meeting with the Prime Minister of Lebanon Fouad Siniora and the Leader of the Lebanese Forces Mr. Samir Geagea.

According to Mr. Alptekin, firstly this was a meeting of courtesy to Mr. Siniora and he added that they have presented ESU program of missions and policies to Mr. Siniora.

Mr. Alptekin declared that they have welcomed the position of the Lebanese Prime Minister and said that they are ready for any need and support for Lebanon.

Mr. Siniora also has welcomed the ESU delegation and stated that they are in difficult period and for this reason they need to be supported. Mr. Siniora also declared that democracy in Lebanon has to work.

The ESU delegation has also met the Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea on 24th August 2007 and the ESU delegation explained the program of ESU missions and policies to Mr. Geagea. Mr. Alptekin said that Mr. Samir Geagea is an important figure in the Lebanon politics. It the meeting the situation of the Christians in the Middle East was closely exmamined and both sides agreed that Christians in the region are passing through hard times.

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