Father Daniel (Edip) Savci has been kidnapped in Tur Abdin - South-East Turkey

Father Daniel (Edip) Savci, while driving back from Midyat to the village of Saleh (Bar tepe in Turkish), his vehicle was stopped and he was kidnapped by some unknown persons at around 14:00pm.

His empty vehicle was later found about 2 km away from Saleh on the road; his spectacles and hat were some of his belongings that were left inside the vehicle.

The location where Father Daniel was kidnapped is only about 15 minutes away from a large Turkish military base (Midyat Turkish Military Base) consisting thousands of soldiers and military personnel.

This is not the only incident that the Christian community has suffered in Turkey. Recently, in 2006 Priest Father Andrea Santoro in Trabzon, in 2007 the Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink in Istanbul and the German missionary Tilman Geske with Necati Aydin and U ur Yüksel in Malatya were murdered as a result of some brutal attacks. We fear that Father Daniel Savci could be the last victim of this chain of brutal incidents against the Christians in Turkey.

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