2. ESU Congress

On the 19th & 20th May 2007, ESU organised its 2nd Congress in Brussels. Since its foundation 3 years ago, more than 100 members were present for the 2nd Congress.
Mrs. Rima Tuzun did the Congress inauguration and presented the 2 days program with her speech. Then a poem has been read in memory of the Syriac martyrs and 1 minute of silence has been observed.
The president of ESU, Iskender Alptekin, presented the actions conducted by ESU since the last 3 years. Mr. Alptekin informed, in about half hour, the last developments in the Middle-East and the impact on the Syriacs. He also talked about the impact of ESU within the Syriacs.

There were also guests attending the ESU Congress among them 2 special guests were present:

  • Mr. Thomas Antoine, from the Foreign Minister of Belgium and Director
  • for South-East of Europe.
  • Mr. Ayad Mossad politican from the Netherlands.

Mr. Thomas Antoine and Mr. Ayad Mossad did hold a speech.

During the 2nd day of the Congress, elections have been organised to renew the ESU board members as well as the President of ESU.
There was a unique candidate for the Presidency of ESU: Mr. Alptekin which was the President of ESU in the previous mandate. After gathering the voice of all present members, Mr. Alptekin has been re-elected as President of ESU.
Next, the election of the ESU board member had have taken place; 25 board members had have been elected:


  • Mr. Zeki Gezer
  • Mr. Suleyman Gultekin
  • Mrs. Nursel Vergili
  • Mr. Davut Vergili


  • Mr. Abut Can
  • Mrs. Suel Demir
  • Mr. Aziz Gergin
  • Mr. Goerge Issa
  • Mr. Simon Oguz
  • Mrs. Rima Tuzun


  • Mr. Fikri Aygur
  • Mr. Yilmaz Ergun
  • Mrs. Naima Gouriye
  • Mr. Luey Haddad


  • Mr. Iskender Haddad
  • Mrs. Bahiya Hadodo
  • Mrs. Neriman Kuçukaslan
  • Mr. Jacob Mirza
  • Mr. Rubel Varli
  • Mr. Nezir Yalcin


  • Mr. Albert Akbulut
  • Mr. Nail Akcay
  • Mr. Tuma Celik
  • Mr. Evgil Turker

After these elections and the end of the Congress, the new board members committee did hold its first meeting to elect the executive committee of ESU. The following people have been elected, in addition of the President, for the executive committee of ESU:

  • Mr. Fikri Aygur
  • Mrs. Neriman Kucukaslan
  • Mr. Evgil Turker
  • Mr. Aziz Gergin
  • Mr. Simon Oguz
  • Mr. Nail Akcay

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