Statement to the situation of Lebnon

During the last years amid political, economic, social and military developments and tectonic shifts and calculations, Lebanon is in the middle of deep crisis affecting all segments of the society while some foreign and internal forces paralyzing state structures and infiltrating institutions. Since one week, following an interview by President of Universal Syriac Union Party, Ibrahim Mrad is facing allegations, accusations and threats by Hezbollah supporters and questioned then by the pressure coming from above mentioned entity.

More than two decades, President Ibrahim Mrad has been active figure among Syriac community in the Lebanese political scene as a courageous voice calling for the full political and democratic rights in the country. The intimation, threats and pressure inevitably are a sign of his right stand that bother some powerful structures in the state and shadow forces. In the face of facing Lebanon and society calling for democracy, civil liberties, independence of institutions and noninterference to internal affairs by third parties are essential tools for a strong and independent society and state.

As Lebanon falling in a spiral of economy, political and social turmoil, Hezbollah and allies have to accept the will of people and freeing Lebanon. The struggle of Lebanese people for independence, justice and freedom are essential and just demands. Politicization and weaponization of judiciary, silencing opponents and threatening political figures have no place in a free and democratic society. ESU calls for the immediate end to the harassment and questioning of President Ibrahim Mrad and all relevant parties to act properly. We stand with President Ibrahim Mrad and will follow closely all developments until last moment.

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