Syriac-Assyrian Christians in Syria warn NATO

No Turkish intervention in Syria against the Democratic Self-Administration
We ask for peace but we will defend ourselves against a Turkish attack

We, Syriac-Assyrian Christians in Syria have been one of the peoples suffering most under the violence of ISIS. All the world knows that ISIS aims to kill us. In this dark hour of our people we created together with our Kurdish, Arab and other neighbours the Democratic Self-Administration (DSA) that now provides freedom, democracy, safety and stability for all the peoples in Northern Syria who resisted ISIS or were recently liberated from these terrorists.
We have created our self-defence force, the Syriac Military Council, that is growing quickly and is fighting against ISIS together with the YPG (Kurds), Sanadid (Arabs) and Free Syrian Army (Euphrates Vulcano division). So far we have been together the most successful force against ISIS.

We urge NATO not to give in to any attempt or demand from Turkey to attack the Kurds in Syria. Any attack at our common Democratic Self-Administration will unavoidable become an attack on all our peoples and we all will rise up to defend ourselves against any attack from Turkey. We already suffered enough under Turkish rule and we will not be killed so easily this time.

An attack from Turkey against the Kurds in Syria will not only end any hope of defeating ISIS, it will also create mayhem and bloodshed against all ethnicities in an area that already harbours many IDP’s from all ethnicities. We point here only to the fact that many Yazidi’s found shelter in the DSA.

Any Turkish attack against the DSA will give ISIS all the space it needs to undo any progress against it. We ask for a restart of Turkish – Kurdish peace talks.
We ask NATO not to allow the end of the only democratic administration in Syria. We ask NATO not to allow hope to disappear from Syria.

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