We remember innocent souls of Sinjar Yazidi genocide

During the tumultuous of conflict in Iraq and arrival of ISIS and other jihadists groups to the battle scene, after short time these groups reached historical homelands of ancient minority and ethnic and religious groups. During the year of 2014 following seizure of Mosul city, forcing Christians to leave, ISIS took control of Nineveh Plains and Sinjar region home of ancient Yazidi community.

Amid inaction of local and governmental forces and inability of international community to secure their survival Yazidi people of Sinjar faced inhuman and barbaric treatment by ISIS by genocide, killings, destruction and enslavement. ISIS genocide against Yazidi people created unbearable trauma among the community which needs to be addressed. According to the Nadia Initiative as for today, “2,800 women and children are still missing. Approximately 200,000 Yazidis are still internally displaced within Iraq. More than 150,000 Yazidis live in Sinjar without sufficient medical supplies to respond to the COVID pandemic.”

More than two decades of war, conflict and internal political, social and economic turmoil in Iraq minorities and vulnerable groups have been victims and their demands and rights neglected and ignored. With the latest wave of violence aforementioned groups are now at the point of annihilation and erasure from the Iraqi social fabric and heritage. Today more than ever securing the place and future of these groups is vital and essential. In order to achieve this objective, Iraqi authorities and international community have to support Yazidi people of Sinjar especially respecting the will of local population. As for Nineveh Plains, guaranteeing autonomy and self-rule by empowering population and structure can create unique opportunity for future.

On this day of Yazidi genocide remembrance day, ESU stands in solidarity with Yazidi people and paying respect for fallen souls and calls on regional and international community to act for the liberation of Yazidi women from captivity and secure the future of Sinjar. Survival of ethnic and religious minorities in Iraq will send fundamental message across the region.  

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