We remember martyrs of Sayfo genocide of 1915

Sayfo Syriac Genocide
Sayfo Syriac Genocide

On this day of June 15, 107 later on, we remember and honor innocent souls of Sayfo 1915 genocide against Chaldean-Syria-Assyrian people by Ottoman-Turkish authorities leaving more than 500.000 dead, thousands of islamised women and children along with demographical change, destruction of social, cultural, religious and intellectual heritage of millennial presence in the ancient lands of Bethnahrin.

During the Sayfo genocide starting from Turabdin to Hakkari, Urmia and Urfa wider region, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian population faced utmost pain, killings, tortures and massacres. As the first step of the genocide, cultural, social, religious leaders and personalities and entrepreneurs have been arrested and eliminated systematically. Following this crucial step attacks and killings intensified while women, children and the rest of the population have been condemned to the death marches to different locations with inhuman treatment and conditions. To note, majority of the women and children were dying during these marches which were taking place during the days subjected to horrors.

Following the genocide of 1915, our people have been eradicated from their historical places and sought refuge in different parts of the Middle East region and dispersed around the world. Today more than a century of the genocide, with the subsequent policies and projects, almost Syriac Christianity have been lost in Turkey and now a days our people with communities of northeast Syria face another destructive aims of the Turkish government. International community must stop this plans of Turkey.

We in the ESU remain at the for front of rights and demands of our people and on this tragic day, we call on European Parliament, US administration and relevant international bodies to recognise Sayfo 1915 genocide and guarantee the future of our people on the their native lands. Recognition of genocide is a path forward for reconciliation and justice for peace and security.

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