Religious and ethnic minorities in Iraq

All over the world, ordinary women, men, and children are fighting for the rights of their communities to be recognized. Dr Hunain Al-Qaddo spoke to MRG's Monica Evans.

Talking fast becomes second nature when you are passionate about your work. Dr Hunain Al-Qaddo, head of Iraq’s Minorities Council, knows time is short: armed with facts and figures he fights for Iraq’s minority religious and ethnic groupings.

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Rising to the humanitarian challenge in Iraq

More than two million Iraqis are estimated to have fled to neighbouring countries. Syria has around 1.4 million Iraqi refugees, Jordan 750,000, the Gulf States 200,000, Egypt 80,000 and Lebanon 40,000.45 Approximately 40,000–50,000 Iraqis are leaving their homes to seek safety inside or outside Iraq on a monthly basis. According to Refugees International, Iraq now represents the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

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Two members of the Syriac-Chaldean-Assyrian people murdered in Mousul-Iraq

On 27th June 2007 at around 10:00 am, two members of the Syriac-Chaldean-Assyrian Christian community in Iraq were brutally murdered in Mousul. Zuhayr Yousef Stayfo (Born in Karemlesh 1958) the head of the Mosul branch of the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union (HBA) and Luay Sleyman Nouman (Born in Tel Esquf 1986) a member of HBA, while driving in a car, their vehicle was stopped by some unknown persons in the city of Mousul and were shot dead. Their bodies were later collected by their colleagues in Mousul.

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2. ESU Congress

On the 19th & 20th May 2007, ESU organised its 2nd Congress in Brussels. Since its foundation 3 years ago, more than 100 members were present for the 2nd Congress.

Mrs. Rima Tuzun did the Congress inauguration and presented the 2 days program with her speech. Then a poem has been read in memory of the Syriac martyrs and 1 minute of silence has been observed.

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Les Vingt-Sept pénalisent le racisme et le négationnisme

L'Union européenne s'est dotée d'une législation commune contre le racisme et le négationnisme après plusieurs années de discussion marquées par de fortes dissensions entre les Etats membres. Une profonde ligne de clivage sépare en effet les pays qui donnent une priorité absolue à la liberté d'expression, même lorsqu'elle rend possibles des discours de haine et de violence, et ceux qui estiment nécessaire d'imposer des limites à de tels discours. Une décision-cadre proposée en 2001 par la Commission n'avait pu aboutir faute d'accord.

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The first International Syriac Symposium held in Turabdin - Turkey

On 30-31 March 2007, the First International Syriac Symposium was held in Turabdin’s central town of Midyat. This symposium was for the most part financed by the European Union and was jointly organized by the Ulasilabilir Yasam Dernegi (Life Within Reach Association) a social organisation from Turkey and the European Syriac Union (ESU).

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Terrorist group murdered Father Rev. Paulus Iskander Behnam

Al Qahira/Mousul: The Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriacs who live in and around Baghdad and Mousul have been intensively targeted by the terrorist groups in recent days. Since 30th September 2006 the Christians who live in and around Mousul were complaining about receiving threatening letters from unknown persons or groups.

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Patriarch warmly receives ESU Delegation in audience

On Friday, the 4th of November 2005, a delegation of the European Syriac Union (ESU) was received by His Holiness Moran Mor Ignatius Zakka I. Iwas, Patriarch of the Syriac-Orthodox Church, in the Mor Ephrem monastery in audience. The delegation consisted of Mr. Iskender Alptekin (Chairman), Mr. Fikri Aygur (Deputy Chairman) and Mr. Tuma Celik (Treasurer).

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