In solidarity with French people and France

The capital of France, Paris, once again had been target of unprecedented and simultaneous act of terror in different locations and leaving more than 130 dead and hundreds of injured and painful nation. Our thoughts are with the families of victims, injured and French people altogether.

The attack carried out in Paris is against France, Europe and European values, democracy, freedoms and civilisation. Increasing terrorist acts across Europe aim to terrorise people. It is time of solidarity and support with France and Europe with the highest values that lead to the enlightenment. France and Europe in multitude precedent cases showed ability and courage to rise in power.

Ahead to the international meeting regarding conflicts that affect our region and world, international community should find comprehensive, serious and long term solutuions and break out the deadlock of the different point of view and reach consensus over the terrorist organisations and threat. We believe that response to the transnational terror must be global with leading powers and also on the local by strengthening and supporting local forces. Concerted efforts and solidarity needed in local and global fields to stop the danger. We are at the turning point and bold policy and stand is crucial.

We, European Syriac Union, ESU condemn the terrorist attack against France and French people. ESU extends its solidarity and support with French people and we believe that French authorities are at their highest capacity to manage and respond to the current incident.

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