Statement to the public opinion

Today, on 9/10/2019, Turkey began to implement its long-standing threats to occupy the north and east of Syria, after turning a blind eye by the United States at a time when the United Nations and all the countries of the world seem incapable of preventing this war, which would complicate the situation even further. Syria With the Turkish state relying on the so-called national army, which is a gathering of the remnants of the mercenary and takfiri armed groups that have precedents in committing war crimes against civilians in the Syrian areas they controlled, it is considered a great danger to the general civilian population in northern and eastern Syria, including our Assyrian Chaldean Syriac people.

We in the Syriac Union Party strongly condemn this Turkish military intervention and consider it a blatant interference in the Syrian territories and we also condemn the inability of the international community to prevent this war, which has hidden many of the hidden objectives of the Turkish regime, including the annihilation of the peoples of the region with all its national and religious components and demographic change there. The displacement and killing of innocent people and the revival of ISIS and his thought again after he was eliminated militarily in all areas east of the Euphrates by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

In the face of this situation, we appeal to all our people to stand up and resist against the Turkish occupation and defend our land and not to abandon it. We must finally win because the will of the peoples is stronger than any greed or occupier. We also appeal to the Security Council to intervene and stop this Turkish aggression and to work for a comprehensive truce on all Syrian lands. Towards activating a just political solution for all Syrians, which is the only way out of the Syrian crisis.

Syriac Union Party
Executive Board

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