Syriac Christian Properties in Tur Abdin

As reported this week in several media outlets in Turkey, a planned new bill will be presented to the Turkish Parliament which also includes the issue of 50 Syriac Christian properties that had been seized by the state in the south-east region of Turkey, namely in Turabdin.

From the start of the property issue since six months, ESU have been active regarding the Syriac properties by alerting public opinion, European authorities, different media outlets and necessary organisations in Turkey as well in Europe.

Speaking to the media in Turkey, Mor Gabriel Monastery Foundation Rudi Sumer declared that, “The 30 properties that should be returned include Mor Malke, Mor Ya’qub and Mor Dimet monastery. These three are very important.”

ESU welcomes new initiative of returning back Syriac properties which valuable assets of Syriac Christian heritage of the region. By this, ESU call to the all concerned authorities to make necessary works to return back the totality of Syriac properties which are around 50 properties including monasteries, churches among others. This is a fundamental right of all citizens of Turkey including Syriac people to acquire their rights and properties to the foundations of Syriac people in the region.

ESU will continue to work and follow the issue of Syriac properties in Turabdin in Turkey as well with European authorities. The properties in the question are historical, cultural, religious heritage of Syriac people and living monuments of the whole region.

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