Turkey must reverse decision regarding Syriac properties in Tur Abdin

As reported firstly by weekly Agos newspaper on June, 22, Syriac churches, cemeteries and other properties had been seized by the Turkish state Treasury and some of them transferred to the Religious Affairs Directorate, Diyanet.

This is outrages and illegal seizure of Syriac properties including historical churches, monasteries and other assets are integral part of the social, cultural, historical, religious and architectural fabric of the whole region and not only for Syriac people but for the whole people of the region.

Turabdin region is historical homeland of Syriac people by preserving ancient and unique traditions by building monuments, monasteries, churches and other valuable architectural sites in the region. From thousands years of history until today, Syriac people preserved their homeland from attacks, harassments and foreigners. Today, with massive seizure of Syriac monasteries, churches and other assets, Syriac people face another existentialist challenge to overcome this unjust decision by the Turkish state and affiliate departments.

We in ECPM and ESU, from the first moment of the issue until now took this issue with urgent matter and a priority taken necessary contacts and relations in Turkey, Europe and in United Sates of America. We are determined to follow this issue with great attention. There is only one way for the ending this unfair decision; Turkey must immediately reverse decision and gives back these historical properties to the Syriac people.


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