We condemn the arrestation of Syriac Leader in Syria

Syrian Baath regime continues to attack, harass and arrest the members, partisans and followers of Syriac Union Party in Syria which is leading structure which defend the rights and demands of Syriac people in Syria. The true face of Baath regime is uncovered when the native people demand their rights. World public opinion and international media all together are witnessing the brutality of the regime. Until recently, Baath regime has used and manoeuvred Syriac people for its own purposes. By asking their rights Syriac people became the enemies of Baath regime. Syrian Baath regime which do not recognise national identity of Syriac people continue to attack, arrest, torture and imprisoned Syriac people who work and fight for the rights of Syriac people.

On August, 12, 2013, Vice President of Syriac Union Party and President of Syriac Cultural Association Said Malki had been arrested at the Airport of Qamishli. Detention of high ranking member Said Malki shows clearly the brutality, intolerance and hostility of Baath regime. To date, from March 2011 several times members and partisans of Syriac Union Party had been arrested, tortured and imprisoned. Before few month member of Executive Committee of Syriac Union Party Rubel Bahho had been arrested and imprisoned during an assault to his domicile.

From the beginning of the Syrian protests until today, Syrian Baath regime is trying all unethical ways and methods to keep Syriac people with and use them for its own purposes. We believe in free and democratic Syria. Syrian people deserve their freedom, dignity, equal rights and take their place among modern nations. Baath regime has lost all its legitimacy. Syrian Baath regime is not representative of Syrian people.

As European Syriac Union, ESU, we concerned by the detention of Vice-President of SUP Said Malki and Rubel Bahho. To recall, we also do not forget the ongoing abduction of Syriac Orthodox Church Aleppo Bishop Ibrahim Hanna and Greek Orthodox Church Aleppo Bishop Boulos Yaziji.

We condemn in strongest terms possible the unjust detention of Vice-President of SUP Said Malki. Said Malki and his friends in SUP are working peacefully for the advance of Syriac people and for Syria. We kindly call to all relevant actors and parties to monitor closely this situation.

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