Update on Current Situation in Syria, Metin Rhawi, ESU Foreign Affairs, 11 October 2019

ESU on the threatened situation of our Syriac people on Family7 TV, March 2016

ESU on AlfaOmega TV, March 2016

ESU & ECPM on the political situation of the Syriac people in Iraq & Syria

ESU foreign affairs representative Rima Tüzün & Johannes de Jong (European Christian Political Movement) on the political situation in the Middle East and the Syriac people in Iraq & Syria. ESU & ECPM elaborate on their political & lobby work in Brussels and call for a permanent unified voice and joint-representation of our political parties in the different political forums of the EU.

Suroyo TV, Brussels, 5 July 2015

Minorities in Iraq & Signing declaration of cooperation

After months of preparations, the leaders and representatives of the Yazidi, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian and Turkmen peoples of Iraq were able to present, for the first time in history, a common declaration for the restoration of their human rights through a political future for their peoples in Iraq. This event was hosted by MEP Branislav Škripek in collaboration with the Christian Political Foundation for Europe (CPFE).

European Parliament, Brussels - Belgium, Suroyo TV, October 2014