Letter to President Donald Trump - 31 March 2019

Dear President Trump,

Dear President, as we have mentioned your courageous decision to help Christians and other minority groups in Iraq directly, we believe that it’s also equally important and necessary to help directly Syriac Christian organizations without any third party interference. As a Syriac Christian humanitarian organization, Syriac Cross is present on the ground and performing activities and projects for the people in need. Your direct assistance and support concerning humanitarian, rebuilding of destroyed Christian villages and security (Police) needs will certainly help the Christians of Syria and their long-term presence and survival in the lands of their forefathers. Letter to President Donald Trump - 31 March 2019

Letter to the French President Emanuel Macron - 12 February 2019

Your Excellency,

Excellency of President, your courageous decision to designate 24 April as Armenian Genocide Commemoration Day will be written in the history of the people. Meanwhile, as the genocide of 1915 targeted also our Chaldean-Syriac-Araméens -Assyrian people, we kindly ask to consider recognise genocide of our people and designate also a day for its commemoration. We believe that this will complete your engagement regarding the truth and justice vis-a-vis the genocide of 1915.

Letter to the French President Emanuel Macron

Open letter from Christians of Northern Syria to Christians in the USA - 24 Dec 2018

With the decision made by US-President Donald Trump to withdraw US-forces from Syria, all religious and ethnic minorities are concerened about their future - especially because of the role given to Turkey. Turkey already proved in Afrin how an implementation of "terrorists cleansing" looks like. Now the Turkish jihadists are standing ready and waiting for the US to leave so that they can kill the Christians and destroy our Churches. The Turkish-backed jihadists will not hesitate to commit exactly the same crimes as ISIS.

Our political partner organization, the Syriac Union Party of Syria, today issued an open letter to its Christian sisters and brothers in the US. The open letter asks all of us: "Together with you in spirit we will celebrate Christmas. The Christmas lights are already on in Qamishli in Northern Syria. We ask you to help us to save the Christmas in North-East Syria."

Letter to the EU on Support for Federation - 24 & 25 April 2018

To: Ministries and Parliamentary Comittees of Foreign Affairs of the EU Member States Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament

Regarding: The spending of EU aid to Syria in light of the refusal of the EEAS to engage with representatives of The Democratic Federation of Northern Syria that represents one-third of Syria

Dear Sir/Madam,

At 24 and 25 April last the EU institutions organised ‘Supporting the future of Syria and the region - Brussels conference’. From the EU institutions the conference was headed by Mrs. Mogherini, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy (European External Action Service (EEAS)). A specific amount of support from the EU Member States was pledged for aid inside Syria. As both our organisations have been gathering political and practical support for the people in North-East Syria we welcome that development. However we would like to share our recent experience with the EEAS that fits in a repetitive pattern which raises doubts on the willingness of the EEAS to support aid inside Syria in an effective way consistent with EU values and standards.

Memo to Mr. Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations and to the Members of the UN Security Council - 21 March 2015

ESU Memo: regarding the Ethnic Cleansing of Ethno-Religious Minorities in Iraq & Syria. And the need for political rights for these minorities as a medium and long-term solution and condition for long-term security.

Memo to Mr. Ban Ki Moon Secretary General of the United Nations and to the Members of the UN Security Council