On 7 July 2019 ESU festively opened its new Netherlands office in Hengelo. The European Syriac Union Nederland and Stichting Bahro Production will be the main occupants of the new office building.


On Tuesday 25 June 2019, the Bethnahrin Patriotic Union from Iraq, the Yezidi Exile Council of Sinjar and the European Syriac Union, together with Sallux, visited the House of Representatives in The Hague for a meeting with Dutch MP Joël Voordewind of the ChristenUnie.


ESU calls on our Syriac people in Europe to vote CU/SGP & Bündnis C on 23 May 2019.

The CU/SGP and Bündnis C are members of the European Christian Political Movement which is a European partnership of Christian political parties. Together with the other ECPM-members, Bündnis C and the CU/SGP have been committed to and supporting the Christians at risk in Iraq and Syria. In the public political arena through their political stance in debates and discussions. In the background through the joint lobby towards the European institutions and governments - inside and outside Europe.


Freedom of Speech in Turkey?

On 18 April 2019, ECPM and The European Post hosted a panel discussion in the European Parliament in Strasbourg over the freedom of press in Turkey. Rima Tuzun, foreign affairs representative for ESU was present and she offered a perspective from the minorities’ point of view.


Stop the Ottoman Turkish invading Northeast Syria

Don’t let Christianity be driven out of Northeast Syria


Since 2014 our Syriac-Assyrian people in Syria and Iraq have suffered greatly under ISIS. Today we can see that ISIS is almost defeated after intense cooperation between SDF and International Coalition. Now however we urge European countries to step in as US forces withdraw from North-East Syria. The Christian communities there fear total destruction by the hands of Turkey, Iran and even ISIS as that is not fully defeated yet. We call on European
countries to join the UK and France in finalising the fight against ISIS and keeping North-East Syria stable. We and many experts believe that ISIS otherwise will return in strength.


With the establishment of the Democratic Self-Administration (DSA) in North Syria, which was founded by the common will of Arabs, Syriacs and Kurds in 2012, a cornerstone has been laid for a new way of education with a new curriculum. The new curriculum ensures a democratic, pluralistic and multi-religious definition of the inhabitants of the region and approaches equal rights for the Arabic, Syriac and Kurdish languages.


The attacks on Afrin made international headlines. We have invited Metin Rhawi -  Head of foreign affairs to an interview regarding Afrin.


On January 20, Turkish military forces started to attack Kurdish city of Afrin in Syria following several statements from the state authorities. During the attack and aggression, several media sources and accounts confirmed injured and dead civilians due to the heavy attacks of Turkish forces.


Auch die diplomatische Positionierung der deutschen Regierung ist ein wichtiger Faktor für die Chancen einer autonomen Region in der Ninive-Ebene.

Auch nach der Vertreibung des selbsternannten Islamischen Staates aus den Städten Mosul und dem 63 Kilometer westlich gelegenen Tal’Afar bleibt die Situation der Christen im Nordirak angespannt.