Turkey must reverse decision regarding Syriac properties in Tur Abdin

As reported firstly by weekly Agos newspaper on June, 22, Syriac churches, cemeteries and other properties had been seized by the Turkish state Treasury and some of them transferred to the Religious Affairs Directorate, Diyanet.

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2017-Jun-26 by David Vergili

ESU Statement of Sayfo genocide 1915 Day

Today, June 15, marks International Day of 1915 Sayfo genocide and remembrance of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people massacred and killed under the Ottoman-Turkish rule of Young Turks between the years of 1914-1918.

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2017-Jun-15 by David Vergili

The Syriac Christians in Hassakeh in urgent need

The Syrian regime continued a week ago its repeated aggression and attacks against the people of Al-Hassakah. The escalation of the violence committed by the regime demonstrated that it refuses to abide previously agreed ceasefires.

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2016-Aug-23 by admin

Simele massacre 1933 & exodus of Niniveh plain in Iraq

During the history of Iraq, indigenous people Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians had been incessantly had been target of destructive policies by the state authorities and recent years with the attacks of non state actors that flourished in the region.

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2016-Aug-07 by admin

MECHRIC Condemns Ongoing Genocide of Christians - From Middle East to Europe

WASHINGTON DC - On June 27th, the Christian town of Al Qaa in northeastern Lebanon, a few miles from the Syrian border, was the target of eight suicide bombers. This attack resulted in the killing of at least five people and wounding eleven. The population of Al Qaa consists of an estimated 12,000 Christians from the Melkite (Greek) Catholic Church.

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2016-Jul-06 by admin

ISIS attacks Hassakeh

200.000 people threatened;
Call for immediate support to Syriac Military Council and YPG
Last week ISIS comitted terrorist attacks in Lyon, Soussa, Kuwait and Kobane and we deeply sympathise with all who lost their loved ones.

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2016-Jun-28 by Rima Tüzün

Appeal to the support of genocide resolution in German Bundestag

On June 2nd, Germany Parliament, Bundestag will vote the Genocide Resolution of Armenian, Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian and Greek Pontiac people during the First World War, WWI under the Ottoman-Turkish rule. Entitled as “In Remembrance and Commemoration of the Genocide against Armenians and other Christian Minorities in the years 1915 and 1916” has historical and moral importance for the above mentioned groups, to the Germany and most important to the Turkey as a state which was founded on the basis of the Ottoman Empire.

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2016-May-30 by admin

Happy Easter - Resurrection of Jesus is inspiration and courage

Today Orthodox Christians around the world celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter. Syriac people in the homeland and diaspora continue their millennium traditions by preserving this unique tradition.

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2016-May-01 by admin

We call on all Turkish political parties to stop Mr. Erdogan harassing Syriac Christians

During the recent months, the governing AK Party destroyed all aspirations and democratic structures for Turkey and its people. In the South East of Turkey towns had been destructed and people faced massacres. Also churches, historical sites and architectural monuments had been attacked similar to the incidents of Sayfo genocide of 1915.

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2016-Mar-03 by admin

We welcome EU parliament ongoing genocide resolution to the people of Bethnahrin & international Media

On Thursday 4th, February, European Parliament adopted a joint resolution recognizing the crime and atrocities against Christian Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people, Yazidis and other ethnic and religious minorities as genocide. Unprecedented decision of European Parliament is clear sign for the urgent need for vulnerable groups in the Middle East region.

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2016-Feb-07 by admin