Assyrian/Syriac Genocide: Simele 1933

Documentary Simele 1933, shown on 7 August 2019 at the Simele 1933 Remembrance Day in Hengelo, Netherlands
Organiser: European Syriac Union
Language: Surith/Eastern Aramaic with English subtitles

We thank Shlemon Yonan for his help with the translation and Suroyo TV for making the documentary available. Caution: contains shocking footage.

Syriac Genocide: Sayfo wird Fortgesetzt

Sayfo lecture with Turkey HDP MP Tuma Celik, Taner Cilingir (researcher Pontus-Greek genocide), Prof. Dr. Mihran Dabag (Institute für Diaspora- und Genozidforschung, Ruhr-Universität Bochum), 16 June 2019 at the Azech Kulturverein, Baden, Switzerland
Organiser: Institute Mesopotamie de Bruxelles & European Syriac Union
Language: Turkish

Syriac Genocide

Organisers: European Syriac Union Nederland, HTIB and Platform Turabdin.
Speakers: Kemal Yalcin (writer on the Syriac genocide), Adnan Kulhan (Platform Turabdin) and Yawsef Beth Turo
(Bethnahrin Informatiebureau). Location: Cultural center of Hollanda Türkiyeli Isciler Birligi / Turkse Arbeidersvereniging
Nederland, Amsterdam, 11 May 2019
Language: Turkish

Sayfo Syriac Genocide & the current situation after 100 years, Amsterdam

Organisers: European Syriac Union Nederland
Speakers: Yawsef Beth Turo (Bethnahrin Informatiebureau).
Location: Syriana, Amsterdam. 11 March 2018
Language: Syriac-Aramaic




Sayfo Recognition

2007 International Association of Genocide Scholars, Sayfo & Pontus Greek genocide

2010 Swedish Riksdag

2011 Interparliamentary Assembly on Orthodoxy

2013 Parliament of New South Wales, Australia

2015 Parliament of Armenia, Sayfo & Pontus-Greek genocide

2015 Parliament of Austria

2016 Deutsche Bundestag

2016 State of Indiana, USA

2018 Dutch parliament

2018 State of California, USA