Eine Zukunft für Christen im Nordirak

Auch die diplomatische Positionierung der deutschen Regierung ist ein wichtiger Faktor für die Chancen einer autonomen Region in der Ninive-Ebene.

Auch nach der Vertreibung des selbsternannten Islamischen Staates aus den Städten Mosul und dem 63 Kilometer westlich gelegenen Tal’Afar bleibt die Situation der Christen im Nordirak angespannt.

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What is your retrospective view to the Brussel conference regarding the Niniveh Plain

An Interview with Metin Rhawi, Head of Foreign Affairs of European Syriac Union, regarding its retrospective view to the Brussels conference and the current situation of the Nineveh Plain

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A Future for Christians in Iraq - Towards a comprehensive solution for the Nineveh Plain

The Future of the Nineveh Plain: A Proposal from Chaldean/Syriac/Assyrian Political Parties.

Out coming position paper from the Brussels conference from 28th - 30th June 2017

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Christians Rescued After Suffering Through ISIS Rule in Raqqa

Christian fighters in the multi-ethnic, multi-sectarian Syrian Democratic Forces reported rescuing several Christians from Raqqa, the Syrian city that ISIS claimed as its capital three and a half years ago.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year of 2018

We are in our last days of the year 2015 and in blessing days of Christmas as a sign of hope and new life.

The year of 2017 had been rich, unprecedented and important for our Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people and for all humanity. After years of exodus, migration and refuge, historical homeland of Nineveh Plains had been liberated and thus opening new chapter to our people to return to their homes. This is, actually, another phase of important process to undertake and assist our people.

During the next year of 2018, ESU will continues to work for the well being and future of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people. Across European countries and institutions, we will work as much as possible to demands the rights for our people.

We extend our gratitude for all members, friends, and institutions and organisations which stand and support Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people.

In this regard, we wish you a merry Christmas and a new year of blessings, happiness and success.


Märtyrergedenken und Seminar in Gebenstorf

Am 24. September 2017 organisierte die ESU-Youth einen Gedenktag für die gefallenen Märtyrer im Nahen Osten mit anschließendem Seminar.

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Standaktionen in Locarno und in Baden

Die Jugend der European Syriac Union (ESU-Youth) beteiligte sich durch zwei Essensstände bei feierlichen Veranstaltungen, um Bedürftige im Nahen Osten zu unterstützen. 

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Solidarty with the victims of terrorist attacks

On Thursday 14, first in Barcelona later on in Finland and Russia, Islamic State, IS terrorist group once again targeted innocent civilians in a barbaric manner killing young, children and injuring more than one hundred of people. 

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ESU-Youth Camp 2017

Das von ESU-Youth organiserte Bildungscamp für 38 interessierte Jugendliche aus ganz Europa fand vom 28. Juli bis zum 04. August 2017 in der Schweiz statt.

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