On the 105 commemoration of Sayfo 1915 genocide against Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian-Aramean people, European Syriac Union, ESU would like to draw your attention to the atrocities and traumas experienced by our people and try to find solution and recognition.

Brussels - European Syriac Union, ESU shares its annual report of 2019 regarding situation of Syriac people in Turkey to European Commission.

Following various media reports and on the ground sources, with great inquietude, we monitor situation in Nineveh Plain and Sinjar regarding government initiative to build camps for Iraq detainees in Syria which majority of the them are ISIS families and relatives. This development is a real concern and worrying for the remaining Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians and Yazidi people in Iraq. The Iraqi government and local authorities have constitutional obligation to protect local populations and their well being.

On January 9, during a security operation by Turkish forces, Syriac monk of Saint Jacob Monastery Sefer (Aho) Bilecen, chief of the Arkah (Üçköy) village Josef Yar and Syriac citizen Musa Taştekin, which returned from Europe, had been detained with 10 other civilians. Following detention investigation Musa Taşdemir have been released quickly. On the other hand, detention of Josef Yar continues and with an unprecedented move Monk Aho have been arrested by Turkish forces. Based on the secret witness statements, arrest of Monk Aho shocked Syriac Christians around the world and particularly tiny Syriac community of Turabdin.

Syria’s Budding Democracy Is Being Destroyed, But It’s Not Too Late To Save It! Stop The Turkish Occupation of N.E. Syria!

On the 13 November Turkish President Erdogan plans to visit the U.S.A. We call on the U.S.A. to stand for the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (DAA), our democracy, - if Americans are who they say they are. We call for the USA to stand with the DAA and for religious freedom – if Americans care about holding violators to account.

Während des Kongresses „Christenverfolgung heute“ vom 10. – 13. November 2019 in Schwäbisch Gmünd konnte Nazira Goreya, Co-Präsidentin der Demokratischen Selbstverwaltung Nordostsyrien, die Standpunkte der Selbstverwaltung aufzeigen.

Father Ibrahim Hanna Bidu (Hosib), the pastor of the Armenian Catholic Church in Qamishli, travelled to the city of Deir Ezzor, when an attack on his car killed him and his father. ISIS claimed the attack. We extend our deepest condolences to their families and relatives and to the Armenian Catholic Diocese of the Euphrates and to the whole parish for their loss of Father Hosib. He was known to and loved by all the sons and daughters of all denominations and affiliations of Qamishli.

Die Gemeinde der St. Marienkirche in Augsburg konnte heute Nazira Goreya als Gast empfangen. Nazira Goreya erhielt die besondere Ehre nach der Predigt eine Ansprache über die aktuelle Situation in Nordostsyrien zu halten. Die anschließende Diskussionsrunde im Gemeindesaal war gut besucht. Die vielen Fragen zeigten, dass das Interesse an der aktuellen Situation sehr hoch ist.