During the last years amid political, economic, social and military developments and tectonic shifts and calculations, Lebanon is in the middle of deep crisis affecting all segments of the society while some foreign and internal forces paralyzing state structures and infiltrating institutions. Since one week, following an interview by President of Universal Syriac Union Party, Ibrahim Mrad is facing allegations, accusations and threats by Hezbollah supporters and questioned then by the pressure coming from above mentioned entity.

The “Christian Front” concluded its conference under the title “Christians of the East between Extinction and the Restoration of the Role” in the presence of an official crowd of more than one hundred people, consisting of academic personalities, and delegations representing their parties and organizations: Syriac, Chaldean and Assyrian, Armenian and Coptic, and from several Christian identities and sects, all came to Lebanon from Western countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France. From the United States of America through Internet recordings, in addition to delegations coming from their homeland such as Iraq, Syria, Armenia, Turkey, Egypt and Lebanon, with the aim of revealing their concerns in one hand and presenting their aspirations in the other hand for a better tomorrow to which man can be reassured in his homeland.

On October 12th, while on his duty Syriac Christian officer Brahim Bassam Mikhaïl of local police force Sutoro in north east Syria have been assassinated by Turkish drone attack. This is not first attack against Syriac Christian security forces in the region and their partners which have been essential forces in the fight against ISIS and security of the whole region. Previously, Syriac Military Council, MFS and SDF forces have been targeted hostilely and well known figures targeted.

On August 6th 2014, ISIS took control of Nineveh Plains towns and villages native homeland of Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian people forcing mass exodus of inhabitants, destruction of churches, monasteries, ruined and burned villages and homes. Following the ultimatum of Mosul Christians once again Christians have been displaced, uprooted and left in limbo. Long history of denial, neglect and respect for minorities also hit Assyrians of Simele town in the year of 1933, August 7th.

On August 8, 2014, ISIS terror organization took control of ancient Yazidi region Sinjar amid national and international inaction by killing, enslaving and torturing hundreds of women, children, men and elders. In a very short period of time, ISIS violence across the region left behind traumatized community, destroyed and razed villages and places.

Open letter from Swedish citizens to all fellow Europeans, - Parliaments of - EU Member States and the EU Commission in a call for help for Finland and Sweden to help our defense and the protection of the rule of law against Turkey. Please put serious pressure on Turkey!

Sweden and Finland have tried hard in a nice and diplomatic way to deal with the Turkish blockade against their NATO membership. As result, the agreement between Turkey, Finland and Sweden was signed in which Turkey promised to stop its blockade against Swedish and Finnish NATO membership. Within days it became clear that Turkey does not intend to respect the text of that agreement but just demands people to be extradited regardless of the rule of law and international treaties. It is clear now that in the current approach, Turkey will only allow Sweden and Finland in NATO if Sweden and Finland violate and ignore their own rule of law.

On this day of June 15, 107 later on, we remember and honor innocent souls of Sayfo 1915 genocide against Chaldean-Syria-Assyrian people by Ottoman-Turkish authorities leaving more than 500.000 dead, thousands of islamised women and children along with demographical change, destruction of social, cultural, religious and intellectual heritage of millennial presence in the ancient lands of Bethnahrin.